Strawberry Stuffed Red, White, and Blue Cupcakes

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These strawberry stuffed red, white, and blue cupcakes were a BLAST for 4th of July celebrations! I hope to get more holiday inspired recipes to the blog before the actual holiday next time, but in the meantime, I’ll be leaving this here. Unfortunately, I seem to have misplaced the recipe for these beauts (sorry I’m being Forgetful Flo here), but the gist is still here:

Put together a classic white cake batter – flour, baking soda, eggs, vanilla, sugar, butter, milk ooooor use a plain box mix (I know, I don’t condone shortcuts when you can make things yourself, but these can be a lot of work, so cut me and yourself some slack). Separate the cake batter into two bowls, then add blue food coloring to one of them. Layer the white and blue cake batter into cupcake tins, then use a knife, toothpick, or other tool (even a spaghetti noodle would probably work) to make a few swirls through each of the cupcakes. Then bake them and let them cool. Then you cut the center out of each cupcake, fill it with sprinkles and strawberries, and put frosting on the top! Bonus points if you don’t eat the centers of all the cupcakes and use them as a cap for the strawberry hole before you frost.

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